Skincare review: Pure pleasure for purist vegans

Sarah from Eco-Luminescence reviews MuLondon Organic Rose Cleanser:

“The foaming face wash has a lovely oil enriched texture, yet is still light and foaming, and is a pure pleasure to use…The rose oil has a beautiful gentle scent and quality that I had not experienced with some other rose products, that leaves you looking forward to the next time you will use the product.”

She also finds relief from dry skin with MuLondon Organic White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser:

“Once I applied the White Chocolate Truffle moisturiser, my face began to feel suppler and much calmer. The moisturiser contains so much nutrition for the skin that it was readily accepted by the skin, as there are no filler products, no mineral oils, silicones, emulsifiers or any man made chemicals whatsoever. The scent is luxurious, decadent, and an almost a guilty pleasure, so much that the following day, I just had to apply the cream onto my body also…”

See her full review at the link below:

Get MuLondon Organic Vegan Skincare from

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