Organic Skincare range without preservatives – MuLondon

Check out this great blog post where Seda, a MuLondon customer, writes about her experience with my products:

“I’ve been using MuLondon products for two months now and love them…They all smell gorgeous. Another great thing about the moisturisers is that they are not diluted with water. Before I met MuLondon moisturisers, I was using a mass produced hand cream for dry skin and even though I was applying several times a day, the skin across my knuckles were cracked after I wash my hands 2-3 times. Now I apply MuLondon moisturiser at night right before I go to bed and it protects my hands very well without any necessity to reapply the next day. This is the only product that made my hand soft and crack-free with such little effort. I also use them for my face twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed right after washing my face while it’s still moist. Moisturisers are made in two sizes, 30 and 60 ml. I carry the small one with me everywhere and use it as a lip balm. Mr Husband’s also a fan of the moisturisers and stole my face wash (kidding, we’re using it together!). They are all great products and you’ll see what I meant in the very first day you start using them.”

A BIG thank-you to Seda! See her full review at the link below.


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